if any of you remember my trials and tribulations re: my gross ex, I told him to stop flirting with me and he deleted me off Facebook

that’ll do!


Last night at the goth club there was this cringe long haired goth guy i nicknamed “90s dreamboat”
wearing a fishnet top & matrix trousers, dancing intense by himself, barefoot,
ocasionally rubbing his nipples & hair at the same time.

During a song, ..maybe Xmal Deutschland? he had a sheer moment of glee & out of body experience as he held his arms up in the air for ages and began to grin.

He looked like he walked straight out The Crow film.

i haven’t been posting much because too much real life is cracking off but! invocation’s a great club night and i had lots of fun pulling awful shapes through dry ice next to an extra from the crow whose dance style seemed to be “ghost sex”


Sandra, 1986 [photo by sandra via I love 80s goth community]

Albert-Joseph Pénot - Bat-woman c. 1890