Kate Bush, 1978

Jean-Louis from Zona, France [raya]

[photo upload by punk hoarder]

i didn’t realise until posting that photo but after all those posts i made about wanting a synthy boyfriend i actually have one. amen.

a synthcat of my own

god my boyfriend just learned new rose perfectly in the space of 20 minutes to play for me and i am both deeply touched and upset at how shit at guitar i am

Duuuuude, you saw The Warriors in the cinema? I am so jealous!! That's living the dream.

yesss a midnight showing in a lovely indie cinema! it was fabbb, and the original cut as well which was bliss because i only have the director’s cut with the weirdass cartoon cut scenes. the only thing i will say is that in a cinema it’s really obvious how poor the sound mixing is, aha